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Tax Portal Login

Tax Portals are secure login sites that our clients can use to access their tax information.  Using your client ID and password, you can log in and instantly input or update your tax data, review your completed tax form, or check the status of your tax return once it's been filed. 

Here are three reasons we think you'll love Tax Portals:

  • They save time.  Get instant access to your tax information, 24/7. 
  • They reduce clutter.  No more papers stacking up on your desk. 
  • They increase security.  You'll never have to wonder if your personal data got lost in the mail. 

All communications between our firm and the user are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is the same functionality used by banks and popular e-commerce services for secure communication. We also store your files encrypted when they are at rest on our servers, adding an additional layer of security. To protect against data loss, our servers are equipped with technology that automatically mirrors all data in real-time to two separate locations. Regular incremental and full backups of all system data are performed, including off-site data backups stored in two separate secure physical locations, to protect against almost all disaster scenarios.